Mobile or stationary pedestal as a storage space for files and personal belongings at the desk.

Everything’s under control. Always where you need it.

The Bene CT pedestals are practical all-rounder. Directly positioned under the desk, they complete the working place and create order: documents and personal items are clearly stowed an can be rapidly fetched. The mobile pedestal with seat pad invites to a short interaction.

Clear design, high functionality

The CT pedestal convinces with its clear design and high functionality. It presents itself cubically and clearly at the working place and offers storage for documents and personal items. Mobile or fixed, in different sizes, in varied materials and colours, having insides as required, the CT pedestal is an essential assistant in office routine.



Colours & Materials

Veneer - Maple

AK canadian maple

Veneer - Bamboo

BJ bamboo

Veneer - Beech

BG beech grey

Veneer - Oak

EF oak natural

EG oak grey

ER oak amaretto

EV oak vulcano

EY oak sylt

Veneer - Chestnut

KD chestnut natural

KP chestnut brown

KQ chestnut grey

Veneer - Walnut

NA wal. anthracite

NB walnut umbra

NF american walnut

NR walnut siena

Melamine - Accent colours

TH marino blue

TS fern green

TX mustard

Melamine - Decor colours

AR maple

BH beech light

EZ oak vicenza

NG walnut grey

Melamine - Decor colours, wooden texture

CE elm white

CO coco texture

EA oak aragon

Melamine - Additional basic colours

MD urban grey

MH stone grey

TM clay

Melamine - Basic colours

MA aluminium

MB basalt

MC canvas

MP platinum

MQ office white

MS slate

MW white

Product Data Sheet

CAD data



Bene has a pioneering role in responsible environmental management. It encompasses all areas of the company - from product development, procurement, production and logistics to product recycling.

Bene defines ecology as a central element of its responsible and sustainable corporate strategy.

Bene understands the legal regulations as minimum requirements and strives for higher and more sustainable environmental protection throughout the entire corporate group. Bene's basic principle in its environmental policy is: Avoid - Reduce - Recycle - Dispose.


  • 98.60 % recyclability
  • 67.40 % Proportion of renewable raw materials
  • 63.98 % use of recycled production materials (32.09 % post-consumer, 31.88 %, pre-consumer)
  • Use of 44.49 % recycled production materials according to LEED (32.09 % post-consumer, 31.88 %, pre-consumer)
  • Resource-saving product design
  • Use of certified woods (chain of custody)
  • Use of materials tested for harmful substances
  • No use of PVC, chromium, lead or mercury
  • Individual parts can be separated by type
  • Recyclability and positive contribution to the CO2 balance (average 43.70 kg CO2)


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. An internationally recognized standard, LEED defines a set of guidelines for environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and sustainable construction. The use of CT Container makes an important contribution to LEED certification. The following criteria are taken from "LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors".

  • MR Credit 4 
    Recycled content up to 2 points
  • MR Credit 5
    Regional materials up to 2 points
  • MR Credit 7
    Certified wood up to 1 point
  • IEQ Credit 4.5
    Low-polluting materials up to 1 point


  • Wood 23.84kg / 70.90%
  • Steel 8.46kg / 25.17%
  • Plastic 1.09kg / 3.23%
  • Zinc 0.14kg / 0.41%
  • Substances 0,08kg / 0,25%
  • Adhesives 0.01kg / 0.04%

Total weight reference model: 33.60kg

* Average values based on 6 different models.

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