CUBE_S Tower Unit, Sideboard, Bene Office furniture, Image 1

Designed by Christian Horner

CUBE_S TOWER UNIT – the tower unit offers convenient storage space directly at the workstation.


Comfortable. Compact. Clearly arranged.

The CUBE_S Tower Unit creates convenient storage space directly at the workplace. Compact and versatile, the pharmacist's cabinet offers order and clarity at a glance.

The interior can also be perfectly adapted to any needs, with compartments for folders, an inlaid utensil tray or lockable compartment. The TOWER UNIT also provides a degree of optional screening for privacy that can be freely determined simply by sliding open the cabinet door.

CUBE_S Tower Unit, Sideboard, Bene Office furniture, Image 3

Mutual access

The TOWER UNIT with alternate access is positioned between two tables and provides space-saving storage for both workstations.



Colours & Materials

Veneer - Maple

AK canadian maple

Veneer - Bamboo

BJ bamboo

Veneer - Beech

BG beech grey

Veneer - Oak

EF oak natural

EG oak grey

ER oak amaretto

EV oak vulcano

EY oak sylt

Veneer - Chestnut

KD chestnut natural

KP chestnut brown

KQ chestnut grey

Veneer - Walnut

NA wal. anthracite

NB walnut umbra

NF american walnut

NR walnut siena

Melamine - Accent colours

MHR Light Pink

MPZ Pistachio

Melamine - Decor colours

AR maple

BH beech light

EZ oak vicenza

NG walnut grey

Melamine - Decor colours, wooden texture

CO coco texture

MNP Nut Pavia

Melamine - Additional basic colours

MD urban grey

MGS Graphite black

MH stone grey

MSW Snow-White

TM clay

Melamine - Basic colours

MA aluminium

MB basalt

MC canvas

MP platinum

MQ office white

MS slate

MW white


CAD data

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