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Designed by Christian Horner

LOFT STORAGE – a storage solution that combines cabinets with open design elements.


LOFT Storage is a modern storage cabinet ideally suited for dividing open office spaces into zones. Contemporary offices with open structures encourage interaction and communication between individuals and teams. The interplay of open and closed elements maintains the lines of sight. It’s possible to use LOFT Storage as a free-standing room divider – with access from both sides – or in a wall-oriented position. 

LOFT Storage, Shelf Cabinet Locker, Bene Office furniture, Image 4

LOFT Storage is a modern cabinet that can be used to shape a space. The open, asymmetrical elements lend themselves well to individual display and presentation areas. The classic tray is located inside the functional and elegant storage space below. Practical sliding doors allow space-saving access to the cabinet’s interior. With LOFT Storage, you can add beautiful colour accents to your space design using Bene’s broad colour spectrum.


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LOFT Storage, Shelf Cabinet Locker, Bene Office furniture, Image 3


The unified base height allows LOFT Storage to be used alongside storage systems such as K2, KX and CUBE_S. Combining it with LOCKER_S – the personal and lockable storage space system – is also an option. Individual user’s needs can thus be easily taken into account when designing the office space. 


Colours & Materials

Veneer - Maple

AK canadian maple

Veneer - Bamboo

BJ bamboo

Veneer - Beech

BG beech grey

Veneer - Oak

EF oak natural

EG oak grey

ER oak amaretto

EV oak vulcano

EY oak sylt

Veneer - Chestnut

KD chestnut natural

KP chestnut brown

KQ chestnut grey

Veneer - Walnut

NA wal. anthracite

NB walnut umbra

NF american walnut

NR walnut siena

Melamine - Accent colours

MHR Light Pink

MPZ Pistachio

Melamine - Decor colours

AR maple

BH beech light

EZ oak vicenza

NG walnut grey

Melamine - Decor colours, wooden texture

CO coco texture

MNP Nut Pavia

Melamine - Additional basic colours

MD urban grey

MGS Graphite black

MH stone grey

MSW Snow-White

TM clay

Melamine - Basic colours

MA aluminium

MB basalt

MC canvas

MP platinum

MQ office white

MS slate

MW white

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