Sustainable office accessories ensure order in no time at all and create an inspiring atmosphere in the office. This idea is made real with bFRIENDS, Bene's new collection of accessories for home and work environments, developed in collaboration with Pearson Lloyd design studio. By recycling post-consumer plant-based plastic objects, a biodegradable material is made. 3D printing is then utilised to create the products of the bFRIENDS collection.

The product range comprises four lines: Pen Holders and Pots – ideal for storing work tools, practical Trays, versatile Stands, and flexible Attachments. bFRIENDS are available in different shapes and sizes and are characterised by their multi-use functions - there are no limits to their use.

The products are available in 10 standard colours, custom colours are also available on request.

A range of selected products can be found here:





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Ideal for storing pens and other small items.

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Colourful stands in different sizes for storing and holding stationery, notes, mobile phones and co.

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Personal items and stationery find their place here and keep the desk tidy.

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Various hooks and clips for the screen and table allow for a tidy workplace.

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The launch of bFRIENDS is exciting new territory for us and makes Bene one of the very first furniture brands to offer a 3D-printed accessory line. Together with our design-partner Pearson Lloyd and the start-up Batch.Works we are paving the way for a sustainable future of design and production – and this collection is proof that it works. bFRIENDS is only the beginning.

Michael Fried, Bene


The collection is the result of a remarkable three-way collaboration between Bene, its longstanding design collaborator Pearson Lloyd, and Batch.Works, a London start-up specialising in 3D-printed consumer products. The three companies have come together, pooled their expertise, and developed the new line of products using locally sourced recycled post-consumer PLA from Reflow, a specialist in recycling the bioplastics used in products such as food packaging for 3D printing.

Batch.Works’ process sources raw materials by intercepting a local waste stream, requires no tools in production, generates no waste itself, and manufactures on demand, minimising any need for storage or warehousing. Furthermore, with no need for centralised global production, bFRIENDS products can be produced via a distributed network of local manufacturing hubs, cutting shipping distances for both raw material and finished product, and significantly shortening supply chains and lead times.

The bFRIENDS products are being recycled and can be returned to Bene showrooms worldwide or sent to us for this purpose. We then feed the material into a new product cycle.


  • PLA becomes very pliable and soft at temperatures above about 50 °C. For this reason, bFRIENDS are not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.
  • The FDM 3D printing process creates visible lines on the surface of the elements. The printing can also cause slight irregularities in the surface structure. These do not constitute grounds for complaint.