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Tom Lloyd & Luke Pearson

Designers Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson impressively demonstrate time and time again what it is that distinguishes high-quality industrial design – being able to take knowledge about the continually changing nature of the ways we work, possibilities offered by production methods and the conditions in which we live and then intelligently applying this to new products and utilisation concepts. Their aim is to transform the office into a more humane, liveable and inspirational place. They question the technoid aesthetic that tends to dominate in working environments – an approach they share with the office furniture expert Bene. Cooperation between Pearson Lloyd and Bene began with the development of a completely new, unconventional furniture collection, which engendered a new way of thinking about life in the office.

Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd met whilst studying at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. Pearson initially studied industrial design at Central Saint Martins and then moved to RCA to devote himself to more comprehensively engaging with furniture design. Lloyd took a different path. Studying furniture design in Nottingham, he found himself dissatisfied with the lack of inventiveness, which played a subordinate role to the work’s technical aspects. So he, too, enrolled at RCA, where he studied product design. The connection forged between the two at the Royal College of Art remained strong even after they both finished their degrees.

Pearson Lloyd, founded in London in 1997, is without a doubt one of the most successful design studios in Great Britain. The studio can boast a broad spectrum of capabilities and is highly valued by a long list of international clients, including Artemide, Classicon, Fritz Hansen, Knoll International, Lufthansa, Walter Knoll and Virgin Airlines.

We’re of the opinion that too many workplaces are stuck in this old way of thinking that an employee is only at work when they are sitting at a desk..

Tom Lloyd & Luke Pearson

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