The core of acousticpearls' product range is highly effective acoustic panels for objects, office and living spaces. 

acousticpearls is an international design company based in Bremen/Germany which offers noise-insulating furniture solutions with inspiring application options.

The core of acousticpearls' product range is highly effective acoustic panels for objects, office and living spaces. Linear in shape, modular in design, versatile in colour and high quality in detail - the acousticpearls panel system is full of possibilities for individual designed rooms and improves their acoustic quality sustainably.

acousticpearls stands for innovate product design characterised by sustainable architecture. Certified with the international Greenguard label, it guarantees products that are free from emissions and made from environmentally friendly materials. acousticpearls offers lasting and timeless design products which are "Made in Germany" in a quality that is reassuring.

It is also reassuring that the design team behind the products, who combine acoustics & space skills, especially provide great "colour" knowledge by using their own colour experts. Flexible and individually, every product integrates into room and workplace concepts and redefines spatial quality in a unique way.

acousticpearls also stands for the best materials and manual fabrication: The quality of acousticpearls' panels can be seen in the details - from the acoustic core to the cover materials right down to the stepped seams. A high quality, individual and lasting product is created in selected craftsman workshops and cottage industry companies. The textile surfaces consist exclusively of quality fabrics such as pure new wool. The best possible flexibility in design is ensured by colour hues of the fabrics coordinated by the colour designers. The selection of materials and solid production guarantee a sophisticated and durable product with an attractive and shockproof surface.

All product lines offer numerous options that work together perfectly, complementing one another and enabling unique colour compositions in rooms. The design concept is rounded out by a unique installation system that allows the panels to be installed quickly and easily, on a wall or anywhere else in a room. Produced in selected cottage industry companies, every panel has a clear, timeless design, textile aesthetics and the highest acoustic effectiveness in craftsmanship quality.

Please note, that these products are not available in all countries. Details upon request.