Design Lines


AL stands for the aluminium that is the raw material at the heart of the AL system from Bene. The metal has anatomic number of 13 and is renowned for the light weight combined with highs trength that makes it so suitable for complex designs.


Sustainable design accessories get things tidy in next to no time and suffuse any environment with an inspiring atmosphere.

CASUAL by Bene

Functional and comfortable seating creates an environment for unifying togetherness – at ease, relaxed, CASUAL.

CASUAL Outdoor

Weather resistant furniture collection.


An innovative line of modern and functional conference furniture that will complement any high class office setting.


The height-adjustable tables for alternating sitting and standing work make a significant contribution to keeping the body and mind active.


It’s the perfect bridge between collaborative furniture and more traditional partitioning systems. NOOXS opens a hybrid sector to benefit from both cultures.


With the P2 Management Programme Bene offers a new dimension in office design.


PARCS creates community areas across the office floor that serve as a link and encourage shared use.

PIXEL by Bene

The flexible building block that creates opportunities for a new kind of teamwork.


PORTS typifies inspirational cooperation and productive collaboration.The design line reflects the high standards of modern-day leadership.


A workplace system for those who work, sleep and breathe design.


Wood is the characteristic design feature of TIMBA. And the name was also chosen in phonetic reference to the English word for wood, Timber.