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With Elke Geraerts, Saskia van Uffelen & Tom Lloyd

Three leading experts in the field of work address the topic of collaboration in this web seminar: neuropsychologist Elke Geraerts, designer Tom Lloyd and digitalization expert Saskia van Uffelen. Collaboration and teamwork are essential success factors for companies. In a working world increasingly shaped by digitization and globalization, companies must therefore increasingly focus on collaboration. Collaboration between people, with machines and across hierarchies.

The ONLINE EXPERT TALK was held in English.


Authentic Intelligence

Elke Geraerts

The digital revolution is a reality, and it threatens to replace countless jobs. The voices asking whether we can still compete with robots and artificial intelligence are getting louder. Neuropsychologist Elke Geraerts turns the focus to humans, pointing out that it's time to demystify technology. She explores what unique human characteristics can be harnessed to ensure our viability in this disruptive world.

How can Design Respond to the Challenges of the Day?

Tom Lloyd

The network economy does not work well with traditional hierarchical structures, but thrives on collaboration, self-organization and teamwork among equals. Designer Tom Lloyd explores collaboration in the context of changes in our society and has prompted a complete rethinking of open collaborative environments.

Why do we Need to Dare Today for Tomorrow?

Saskia van Uffelen

We live in a digital age where everyone and everything is connected. When competition is no longer industry-driven and users are in the driver's seat, how long can we manage our organizations, our teams or our lives without making fundamental changes? We need to create a new business model that balances short- and long-term outcomes and, through personal choices, help build a different society ready for the next generation.


Living Tomorrow

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