Chair & Upholstered Furniture

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As a B2B company, we at Bene offer a broad range of high-quality and comfortable chairs and upholstered furniture for use in a variety of settings. Our products combine aesthetics and functionality and are characterised by their outstanding quality and extensive configuration options. Add a personal touch to your office and experience first-class comfort with our chairs and upholstered furniture that combine durability and style.

Swivel chair: ergonomic comfort for everyday working life

Our swivel chairs offer ergonomic comfort and support a healthy sitting posture throughout the working day. With an adjustable seat height, backrest and armrests, they can be individually adapted to suit the needs of each and every user. Discover our diverse range of swivel chairs providing ideal support and freedom of movement.

Conference chair: stylish design for professional meetings

Our conference chairs combine stylish design and superior seating comfort for professional meetings and conferences. With top-quality materials and ergonomically shaped seats, they’re the perfect choice for those longer meetings. Discover our selection of conference chairs that combine elegance and functionality.

Chair: individual comfort for relaxation and concentration

Our chairs offer individual comfort and are ideal for moments of relaxation or concentrated work. With ergonomically shaped seats and high-quality upholstery, they’re sure to provide for a comfortable seating experience. Discover our selection of chairs that combine functionality and style.

Stool: versatile seating arrangements for flexible spaces

Our stools can be used to create versatile seating arrangements and are perfect for flexible workspaces and informal meetings or gatherings. With their compact size and contemporary design, they are easy to move around and rearrange. Discover our range of stools that allow for flexibility and functionality in your office.

Lounge chair: relax in style at work

Our lounge chairs offer a stylish and comfortable place for you to relax at work. With spacious seats, an ergonomic design and high-quality upholstery, they invite you to take a break and recharge your batteries. Discover our selection of lounge chairs that combine elegance and comfort.

Sofa: comfortable seating for an aesthetically appealing office design

Our sofas are the perfect addition to the office, giving it an aesthetically appealing design. With high-quality upholstery and individual configuration options, they provide comfortable seating for meetings, breaks or informal discussions. Discover our range of sofas that harmoniously combine comfort and design.