A mobile pedestal as an assistant furniture for non-territorial workplaces or for team and project work.

Mobile, compact & comfortable

Caddies increase the storage volume within the user's immediate reach. Mobile pedestals such as the T-Caddy are important assistance furniture for non-territorial workplaces or for team and project work. Flexible, actively movable and, above all, individually designable - these are the characteristics of mobile pedestals. The T-Caddy convinces formally by independent design, formable with different "top features". Four basic types in two widths and two heights. The roll container is available either open or closed with roller shutters, drawers or hinged doors. T-Caddies offer individually designable storage space and sophisticated top features. With boxes, flaps, organizational rails, shelves or upholstered seats, they can be tailored to the user and keep things safe.


The T-CADDY MEDIA offers in the smallest space the possibility of power and network connection, as well as the easily accessible integration of a PC. The remaining storage space offers room for various meeting accessories, such as pads, pens and the like.

A media furniture for all cases

It captivates with the characteristic design of the T-CADDY family, the integration of complementary features make it the ideal supplementary furniture for media equipment in many meeting and conference situations.



Colours & Materials

Veneer - Maple

AK canadian maple

Veneer - Bamboo

BJ bamboo

Veneer - Beech

BG beech grey

Veneer - Oak

EF oak natural

EG oak grey

ER oak amaretto

EV oak vulcano

EY oak sylt

Veneer - Chestnut

KD chestnut natural

KP chestnut brown

KQ chestnut grey

Veneer - Walnut

NA wal. anthracite

NB walnut umbra

NF american walnut

NR walnut siena

Melamine - Accent colours

TH marino blue

TS fern green

TX mustard

Melamine - Decor colours

AR maple

BH beech light

EZ oak vicenza

NG walnut grey

Melamine - Decor colours, wooden texture

CE elm white

CO coco texture

EA oak aragon

Melamine - Additional basic colours

MD urban grey

MH stone grey

TM clay

Melamine - Basic colours

MA aluminium

MB basalt

MC canvas

MP platinum

MQ office white

MS slate

MW white

Product data sheet

CAD data

Key reorder

How to reorder KABA brand keys?

You can order keys and cylinders easily and directly from your KABA specialist partner:
by e-mail: schluessel.at@dormakaba.com
by fax: +43 2782 808 5533

Orders require the key designation and the key number to be specified.

1 Key designation (Kaba 8)
2 Key number on key
3 Key number on cylinder

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