Bene is official partner of the EXPO 2020 Austria Pavilion

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

  • 440 hectares of exhibition space
  • Over 100 unique country pavilions
  • Millions of visitors from all over the world
  • 182 days

That's EXPO 2020 in Dubai - which has retained its name despite being postponed until 2021. Under the motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, the first world exhibition in an Arab country will pose the question of future visions, concepts and technologies in an increasingly networked world.


Austria has chosen the slogan “Austria makes sense” and will be highlighting the themes of sustainability and innovative strength. querkraft architects is responsible for the design of the Austria Pavilion which blends ancient Arab wind towers with contemporary climate control technology, laying down a marker against climate-damaging profligacy. The iLab introduces future-oriented Austrian solutions, and one central example is PIXEL by Bene – the flexible module for inspiration.

The Austria Pavilion consists of intersecting cones that enable intelligent climate engineering without the use of conventional air conditioning technology. The employment of local construction materials and the subsequent reuse of the pavilion sections demonstrate a sustainable attitude to our throwaway society. The atmosphere between light and shade invites visitors to linger and take some time out from the hustle and bustle of the EXPO.

The Austria Pavilion shows what is possible when traditional and modern construction techniques are combined: a pleasant indoor environment, free from pollutants, but with superbly atmospheric lighting, spectacular and multifaceted spatial sequences.

Project manager Clemens Russ.

PIXEL Innovation Towers

Not only is the Austria Pavilion a showpiece of the country’s innovative strength in terms of its architecture, its interior also gives space to every aspect of Austrian inventive genius. The exhibition, curated by Ars Electronica Solutions and büro wien (graphic design by Bleed) takes visitors on a journey through Austria’s innovative potential. Future-oriented products and solutions – all of them “made in Austria” – are presented in a dedicated area, the iLab. The iLab is a place of inspiration, information and interaction, and is intended to be used for workshops, presentations and other event formats.

Innovations are illustrated in the “InnovationTowers”, both digitally in videos and physically in exhibits. The distinctive constructions are 3.6 metres high and built out of PIXEL by Bene. Wherever inspiring surroundings are called for, PIXEL by Bene is the answer. The sustainable wooden box is the versatile building block that facilitates a new type of space design. PIXEL’s natural, untreated surfaces are eye-catching, without diverting peoples’ attention from what’s really important. The “InnovationTowers” show how the ingenuity of business enterprises, entrepreneurs and scientists all contribute to shaping the future in positive, sustainable ways, in line with the EXPO theme “Connecting Minds ‒ Creating the Future.”

Constructed from just eight different types of prefabricated elements, at the end of the EXPO the pavilion will be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere in a different configuration. This way, the EXPO 2020 Austria Pavilion will continue to exist in another place and with another purpose.
explains CEO Erhartt, CEO of querkraft architects.

Gerd Erhartt, owner of querkraft architekten

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