Recording: THE WORLD IS CHANING. LEAD TOGETHER with Luke Pearson & Tom Lloyd

The designers of PORTS talk about the future of leadership

Driven by technological and social developments, the world of work is constantly changing. In this environment of permanent transformation, agility and stability are becoming essential qualities for companies to remain successful. These characteristics must be supported by flexible organisations and redefine the roles of leadership and management.

This change also requires new office concepts: the design studio Pearson Lloyd has spent several years researching for Bene to develop the award-winning answer to this challenge. PORTS is a new office concept – a product line that reflects the new way of leading: non-hierarchical, open and dynamic.

In this ONLINE EXPERT TALK recording, designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd talk about the future of leadership and the development of PORTS.




Luke Pearson & Tom Lloyd

Design Studio Pearson Lloyd

Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson impressively demonstrate time and time again what it is that distinguishes high-quality industrial design – being able to take knowledge about the continually changing nature of the ways we work, possibilities offered by production methods and the conditions in which we live and then intelligently applying this to new products and utilisation concepts. 
Their aim is to transform the office into a more humane, liveable and inspirational place an approach they share with the office furniture expert Bene.

Pearson Lloyd, founded in London in 1997, is one of the most successful design studios in Great Britain. The studio can boast a broad spectrum of capabilities and is highly valued by a long list of international clients, including Lufthansa, Virgin Airlines or the Intercontinental Hotel Group.