Designed by Didi Lenz

PIXEL may look like a box, but it is much more than that. PIXEL is a table, a bench, a stool, a stand or all at the same time. PIXEL is the flexible building block that creates opportunities for a new kind of teamwork.



PIXEL is not furniture. PIXEL is a flexible building block to display functions in space and that for everyone. A bar table for the workshop, a work table for students, a shelf for the store, a counter for the party. Everything is possible, with inspiration and improvisation. That's exactly what PIXEL is made for - an all-purpose tool in times of constant change.

Office product of the year

PIXEL, the flexible building block from Bene was voted "#1 Office Product 2018" by the renowned trade magazine "Das Büro". This year, the editorial team of the renowned trade magazine again selected those 100 out of more than 1000 office solutions that are particularly recommendable for office work in the narrower and broader sense. In this competitive environment, PIXEL was chosen as the winning project and thus as the "#1 Office Product 2018". The editors' ranking was independent and cross-industry and cross-category.

PIXEL by Bene

PIXEL opens up new dimensions in team collaboration

Innovations are born where people have the freedom to think playfully. In everyday business, space must first be created for this - both culturally and spatially. PIXEL opens up new dimensions in team collaboration. Zones in the company that promote vital group dynamics and offer creative play space are becoming an elementary issue. The furnishings must be flexible and as unpretentious as the team itself. That's what PIXEL is for.

PIXEL by Bene


The PIXEL box is the basic building block of the PIXEL by Bene series. Available with or without side openings, it is ideal for creating storage space. The carrying handle provides the lateral connection of two boxes by simply folding them over and makes it easy to transport the box.

Each square PIXEL box measures 36 x 36 cm and can be used individually or stacked. The sustainable and innovative product design is what sets the PIXEL Box apart. PIXEL is made from raw, untreated pine plywood. The use of wood as a material reflects the relationship with the environment and nature. Each PIXEL is individual in its appearance and highlights the grain and characteristics of the wood.


PIXEL Tops and Trays open up an even greater variety of application possibilities. Developed for co-working spaces, start-ups, events or trade fairs, cafes or educational institutions, PIXEL tops and trays offer the necessary flexibility for individual room design. At events, PIXEL becomes a bar, bar table or DJ booth in the blink of an eye.

PIXEL Accessoires


The interior of the PIXEL can also be organized in a functional way. Accessories such as utensil trays, shelves, trays and whiteboards, which can be integrated into the PIXEL and shelf components, ensure that both work equipment and the best ideas do not get lost.

PIXEL Box, PIXEL Rack, PIXEL Plant Pot

PIXEL Plant Pot

Office plants beautify the office and have proven positive effects on our well-being at work. With the PIXEL Plant Pot, every PIXEL can be greened. The use of wood reflects the connection to the environment.

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Colours & Materials

Melamine - Basic colours

MW white

Plywood - Pine

K0 Natural pine, untreated

Powder-coated surface - structured


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PIXEL by Bene

The flexible building block that creates opportunities for a new kind of teamwork.

PIXEL by Bene

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