Address: Kohlmarkt 16, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Retail & Consumer goods

Year: 2019

Office planning: Bene GmbH

A “living room” for company employees

The bookseller with the most elegant shopfront in Austria is the Manz´sche Verlags- und Universitätsbuchhandlung GmbH. It was designed by none other than the great Adolf Loos, one of the pioneers of modern architectural style. With equally high aesthetic standards, if a little less grand, the company has now developed a new lounge area for employees. Bene won the contract to plan and install a complete design concept with various different zones.

Light, gentle base tones are combined harmoniously with rich blues, greys and greens to create a friendly, inviting atmosphere. Naturally the colour scheme also includes accents of the company’s characteristic “MANZ red”.

SETTLE sofa elements were combined with tables and chairs to form comfortable seating areas. The overall effect of the design is a feel-good atmosphere, including in the kitchen area. Here the furnishings include TIMBA stools, together with high tables, creating a warmly inviting chat zone; the swivel seats add flexibility to the seating arrangements. A SIDE_S sideboard provides essential storage space in a neat designer style.

The overall result is a versatile staff lounge that offers practical functionality and creates a cosy living-room atmosphere where employees can recharge their batteries, hold productive meetings, or enjoy great conversation and relaxing breaks with colleagues.

About Manz

MANZ’sche Verlags- und Universitätsbuchhandlung is Austria’s leading source of legal information. “MANZ” offers the most comprehensive range of information services for legal and tax professionals and has a prestigious bookshop in Vienna’s historic Kohlmarkt. The company was founded in 1849 and now, five generations later, the MANZ’sche Verlagsund Universitätsbuchhandlung is still run by the same family and is part of the MANZ Group, a 21st century media enterprise.