TIMBA – All work, and some play


You can tell a modern office by the fact that it doesn’t look like one. Boundaries between departments are lifted, and people collaborate in different groups with every new task. These are the requirements that provided the basis for a furniture series conceived by Bene in collaboration with the London based design studio Pearson Lloyd. With its emotional design and intelligent detailing, TIMBA is for teams that place focus on creative processes and interaction. A lot of interaction

Wood is the key characteristic design element of TIMBA. Using solid oak was a very conscious choice for the designers of TIMBA. It is the type of wood that gives furniture a natural and warm radiance, which has an impact on any environment. The name was chosen due to its phonetic similarity to the word "timber".

Discover TIMBA


TIMBA Table forms a focal point that supports teamwork. The aesthetic and functional turntable hides the cable management.

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TIMBA Table round

This TIMBA Table with a round tabletop creates a cozy atmosphere in the office.

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TIMBA Table high

At the Timba Table high you work ergonomically while standing

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The informal characteristics of the TIMBA Stool combine modern, technical excellence with the humility of natural materials.

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TIMBA Stool high

TIMBA Stool high complements TIMBA Table high perfectly. An optional small backrest provides users with a little more stability and support.

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Power Bowl – Clever cable management

One special detail of the TIMBA Table is the clever swivel plate in the middle of the table top. It provides elegant cover for the recessed hollow of the “Power Bowl” and its power and network connections. At the same time, the swivel plate fulfils a function as a decorative tray that can host pens, notebooks, and other accessories, even a birthday cake.

TIMBA was developed for an open type of cooperation that is done at a shared table; it fills precisely that gap between informal collaboration and the formal setting delivered by traditional meeting rooms.

Tom Lloyd, Designer