The design line PORTS reflects the high standards of modern-day leadership.

The world is changing

And we are changing with it. Together with stability, the key factors for the success of dynamic organisations are flexibility and agility. Apparent opposites are becoming complementary attributes. Swift change and increasing complexity are fuelling this development away from traditional, hierarchical models and in the direction of cooperative, fluid structures. Progress is becoming a competitive edge.

Modern leadership plays an important role here. It offers guidance within multidimensional networks and serves as a junction. As the connecting, agile element within vibrant organisations. These multifunctional PORTS are both an anchor and a hub. The signs point to collaboration and communication. PORTS radically reflects this reality with space and furnishings, and brings people, ideas and functions together – lead together.


PORTS Task Lounge, with castors with writing tablet Upholstered height adjustable Premium Upholstered chair, Bene Office furniture, Image 4
PORTS Storage, Premium Shelf Sideboard, Bene Office furniture, Image 5


Change is everywhere. Systems are being reconsidered, established processes called into question and new leadership styles put into practice. More than ever before, organisations must focus on collaboration and communication in order to jointly rise to these challenges and exploit them as an opportunity. They must make it possible for departments and hierarchies to communicate on an equal footing. They must promote potential. They must place their trust in people. And they must open up space. In this way, flexibility and cooperation are boosted – resulting in productive collaboration.

Modern leadership calls for open and less formal spaces, both in terms of offices and mindsets.

Pearson Lloyd

PORTS-table, Premium (Electrically) height-adjustable Standing height Standing height Meeting table Desk, Bene Office furniture, Image 7


Like a state-of-the-art port, PORTS is a multifunctional hub. Not only people but also ideas and work processes come together here. The agile infrastructure enables everyone involved to actively choose the best path to the company’s goal. The modular, flexible system caters for all requirements.

PORTS typifies inspirational cooperation and productive collaboration. The three complementary product lines reflect the high standards of modern day leadership and, in the way they interact, offer a high degree of adaptability to individual needs in the modern working world.


PORTS Active Chair, height adjustable with castors Upholstered Premium Upholstered chair , Bene Office furniture, Image 5

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Pearson Lloyd