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Timba Table

Designed by Pearson Lloyd

Timba Table – a meeting table for informal collaboration and team zones.

One for all. All in one. The Timba Table.

This table is a friendly invitation to your team to discuss, have lunch together or meet after work. Its informal character creates an atmosphere that makes you forget that you are still in the office. But for all its naturalness, TIMBA Table also contains a lot of technology.

TIMBA Table works best in informal collaboration and team zones, quickly creating a congenial and warm atmosphere. This is because details made of solid oak bring naturalness to the workplace. With its casual nature, the table invites you to take a seat.

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A characteristic feature of the TIMBA Table is the turntable in the center of the tabletop. It covers the lowered recess of the Power Bowl with its connections for power and network. At the same time, it serves as a decorative shelf: pens, notepads and other accessories can be placed on it. If you want to plug in your devices, the turntable can be easily and uncomplicatedly turned aside and all connections are immediately accessible.

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Power Bowl

The Power Bowl consists of a plastic deep-drawing cup and a turntable. The cup is integrated into the tabletop and equipped with connections for power and network. This is easily accessible by simply turning the turntable away. Vertical cable routing is provided by a network hose.

Awards & Certificates


Colours & Materials

Veneer - Oak

EF oak natural

EG oak grey

ER oak amaretto

EV oak vulcano

EY oak sylt

Veneer - Chestnut

KD chestnut natural

KP chestnut brown

Melamine - Accent colours

MHR Light Pink

MPZ Pistachio

Melamine - Decor colours

AR maple

BH beech light

EZ oak vicenza

NG walnut grey

Melamine - Decor colours, wooden texture

CO coco texture

MNP Nut Pavia

Melamine - Additional basic colours

MD urban grey

MGS Graphite black

MH stone grey

MSW Snow-White

TM clay

Melamine - Basic colours

MA aluminium

MB basalt

MC canvas

MP platinum

MQ office white

MS slate

MW white

Solid Wood - Oak

HC nature

HD graphite

Powder-coated surface - structured



Jade green


Product data sheet


CAD data


Bene has a sustainable impact

Bene has a pioneering role in responsible environmental management. It encompasses all areas of the company - from product development, procurement, production and logistics to product recycling.

Bene defines ecology as a central element of its responsible and sustainable corporate strategy.

Bene understands the legal regulations as minimum requirements and strives for higher and more sustainable environmental protection throughout the entire corporate group. Bene's basic principle in its environmental policy is: Avoid - Reduce - Recycle - Dispose.

TIMBA Table - Ecological standards

  • 95.6% recyclability
  • 83.8 % Proportion of renewable raw materials
  • 34.64 % use of recycled production materials (12.84 % post-consumer, 21.81 %, pre-consumer)
  • Use of 22.29 % recycled production materials according to LEED (12.84 % post-consumer, 21.81 %, pre-consumer)
  • Resource-saving product design
  • Use of certified woods (chain of custody)
  • Use of materials tested for harmful substances
  • No use of PVC, chromium, lead or mercury
  • Individual parts can be separated by type
  • Recyclability and positive contribution to the CO2 balance (average 135.31 kg CO2)

TIMBA Table LEED points

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. An internationally recognized standard, LEED defines a set of guidelines for environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and sustainable building. The use of TIMBA Table makes an important contribution to LEED certification. The following criteria are taken from "LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors".

  • MR Credit 4
    Recycled content up to 2 points
  • MR Credit 5
    Regional materials up to 2 points
  • MR Credit 7
    Certified wood up to 1 point
  • IEQ Credit 4.5
    Low-polluting materials up to 1 point

TIMBA Table Material Component*

  • Wood
    73.18kg / 85.23%
  • Steel
    8.75kg / 10.19%
  • Compact
    3.18kg / 3.71%
  • Plastic
    0.73kg / 0.85%
  • Zinc
    0.01kg / 0.01%
  • Adhesives
    0.01kg / 0.01%

Total weight reference model: 85.86kg

* Average values based on 8 different models

From the design line


Wood is the key characteristic design element of TIMBA. The name was chosen due to its phonetic similarity to the word timber.

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