Mobile_Com Table


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Move with me. The table for a flexible room.

Workshop activity is characterised by a high level of interaction among the participants. Changing roles and the use of different forms of communication are characteristic to this creative kind of work and create the need for communication rooms to be furnished in flexible ways. In relation to the furniture, the focus is therefore on mobility. More specifically, there is a need for the highest possible flexibility and functionality of the individual pieces of furniture.

At seminars and workshops the set-up changes in accordance with the requirements of the group. The participants themselves adapt the furniture arrangement and this requires easy and uncomplicated handling. Bene’s Mobile_Com Table fulfils all these requirements. Its intelligent construction and light design, as well as its easy and ergonomic handling, make it the ultimate piece of furniture for this area.

The Mobile_Com Table is mobile, stackable and can be arranged in a variety of configurations. It can also be put together to form large table surfaces. With the Mobile_Com Table, any of the groupdynamic processes can be reacted to promptly and in an uncomplicated way.