Sustainable design accessories get things tidy in next to no time and suffuse any environment with an inspiring atmosphere. Designed in collaboration with the Pearson Lloyd design team, bFRIENDS represents an innovative range of accessories developed specifically for living and working spaces. Pre-used packaging materials made of plant-based plastic are recycled, processed into new filament and printed in 3D to create the range of products of the sustainable bFRIENDS collection.

This product range includes a vast array of items: various storage containers such as pots, trays and boxes, versatile stands, decorative items, vases and plant containers, as well as flexible hooks and clips. The bFRIENDS are available in different sizes and are characterised by their versatile functionality – there are no limits to how they can be used!

The bFRIENDS products are available in 13 standard shades, can be manufactured in custom colours and feature engraved company logos upon request.

A range of selected products are presented below:




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Ideal storage containers such as pots, trays and boxes, versatile stands and a variety of money boxes like the Coin Bank or Coin Collector – handy solutions for sorting your coins.

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Unique vases and plant containers – a sustainable adornment for any environment.

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Decorative pieces featuring creatures from the animal kingdom from all corners of the Earth, from land to water and even fairy tale worlds, available in an unrivalled design and capturing the imagination of young and old alike.

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A variety of hooks and clips for desktop panels and tabletops allow you to keep your workstation neat and tidy. The clips let you arrange your favourite photos or postcards beautifully, allowing you to add a personal touch to your surroundings.

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The launch of bFRIENDS is exciting new territory for us and makes Bene one of the very first furniture brands to offer a 3D-printed accessories line. Together with our design-partner Pearson Lloyd and the start-up Batch.Works we are paving the way for a sustainable future of design and production – and this collection is proof that it works. bFRIENDS is only the beginning.

Michael Fried, Bene


The collection is the result of an innovative partnership between Bene, our long-time design partner Pearson Lloyd and Batch.Works, a London-based start-up specialising in serial production using 3D printing.
bFRIENDS products are made using recycled post-consumer PLA (polylactide) from local waste streams, for instance from used food packaging. Our partner Reflow uses this material to produce biodegradable 3D-printed filament.

Batch.Works uses 3D printers to transform this filament into the bFRIENDS collection, adopting a tool-free additive manufacturing process that produces zero waste and only uses regenerative energy sources.

Production is thereby switched to a decentralised production network, allowing transportation distances to be minimised. The need for warehousing is also eliminated thanks to this order-specific approach to production.

At the end of a bFRIENDS product’s lifetime, the PLA can be integrated back into the production cycle and we can convert it into a new accessory. All bFRIENDS that are made from more than one material can be separated from one another by type at the end of a product’s lifetime, allowing them to be fed into different cycles. Our collection makes it easy to see how we can complete the cycle and help preserve resources.


  • PLA changes shape at temperatures exceeding 50 °C and becomes soft. bFRIENDS are therefore not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • The FDM 3D printing process (fused deposition modelling) creates lines on the surface of all elements. The printing can also cause irregularities in the surface structure. These do not constitute grounds for complaint.