AL Storage




Auxiliary furniture

Auxiliary furniture of the AL serie contails AL Pedestals, which are optionally available with base or casters.

AL Sideboards are available with base or casters, possible width 82–200cm.

AL Backboards are available in 3 widths (160 / 200 / 239cm), optionally with base or casters.

Internal fitment options for AL pedestals, sideboards and credenza units: fixed or adjustable top with cable tray and power module, and either an electronic or mechanical lock, a soft-push latch plus an optional servo-drive mechanism. The upper section can be equipped with utensil tray and dividers. AL Sideboards are available with retractable CPU holders, fans or with a notebook compartment.

AL Media-Backboards

AL Media Credenza with either a retractable screen or equipped with a widescreen projector working with a small distance from projector to screen.

AL Door Cabinets

AL door cabinets, glass door cabinets and shelving units are formed around an aluminum carcase. Glass doors are available in three levels of transparency: clear glass, Satinato white and smoked glass. LEDs may be integrated into the upper panel and shelves. Rear panel is finished in either glass or veneer.

System walls / Wall-to-Walls

System walls and Wall-to-Walls with AL shelving units and panels finished in veneer, fabric or leather reflect the individuality of the solutions and the wide choice of designs.



Intelligent Storage

The retractable surface allows easy access to power and the mechanical lock in pedestals, sideboards and credenzas.

Drawers with high quality fittings and two opening options, either soft-push latch or servodrive mechanism drawers with a servodrive mechanism and flush fronts up to 240 cm give an air of understated elegance with their clear surfaces. Optional fittings include an aluminium utensil tray finished in leather, plus direct cable connection to a notebook within the second drawer.

LED background lighting in shelving and cabinets

LED technology in shelving and cupboards creates atmospheric and nuanced lighting.