Dynamic sitting. Dynamic working.

Adjusting the seat height

The seat height is adjusted by using the button on the front right. Seat adjustment range: 400–510mm. Optimal seat position: A 90 degree angle between lower leg and thigh, feet fl at on the floor.

Locking the backrest

Using the lever on the front left, the seat and backrest can be moved in synch and locked in one of four positions. Press the lever again and lean on the backrest to release.

Backrest resistance

By turning the knob at the front left, the amount of pressure of the backrest can be adjusted to fi t body weight and the user’s individual impression of what is most comfortable. Quick and easy to adjust while sitting. Adjustment range: 45–120kg body weight.

Seat depth adjustment

Optional. With the button at the right back the seat depth can be increased up to 50mm. Range: 390–440mm; can be locked in place in 5 positions.

Adjusting the forward tilt

Optional. When the lever on the front left is in the lowest position the angle of the seat can be tilted forward by 4 degrees. This setting option helps to relieve pressure on the back during prolonged computer-related tasks.


Fixed armrests: Make getting up and sitting down easier. Klassisch und minimiert im Design.

Loop armrests: Make getting up and sitting down easier. Formschöne Ringarmlehen, die Hochwertigkeit vermittelt.

2D armrests: are adjustable in height and width. Adjustment range: Height 100mm / width 70mm.

3D armrests: are adjustable in height, width and depth. Adjustment range: Height 100mm / width 70mm / depth 60mm. Pivotable up to 30 degrees inwards and outwards


Mechanical depth spring

The spring cushions the body weight in the lowest seating position.