Bene works sustainably

Bene takes a leading role in responsible environmental management. It is practised throughout the company, from product development to procurement, production, distribution and product recycling.

Bene regards ecological responsibility as central to sustainable corporate strategy.

Bene aims to exceed legal requirements and to strive for better, more sustainable environmental protection throughout the Bene group. Bene's key environmental principles are: Avoidance – Minimisation – Recycling – Disposal.


B_Run – Ecological standards

  • B_Run is 94 % recyclable
  • Recyclable packaging materials (polyethylene film and cardboard)
  • Use of 42 % recycled production materials (post-consumer 35 %, pre-consumer 7 %)
  • Resource-conserving product design
  • Very light design: Weight varies between 14–18 kg according to version
  • Made of high-quality, long-lasting materials 
  • Rapid disassembly
  • Longer useful life because service parts are easy to exchange (cushions, armrests, …)
  • Avoid materials that are harmful to the environment
  • CFC-free foam
  • No use of PVC, adhesive substances, chrome, lead or mercury
  • Coatings are free of volatile organic compounds (VOC-free)
  • Bene Spectrum fabrics are produced in accordance with ecological regulations, such as the Oeko-Tex 100 standard
  • B _Run can contribute to LEED accreditation

B_Run Material components

Foam, textile fabrics
1,19kg / 6,89%
3,39kg / 19,6%
4,78kg / 27,6%
7,95kg / 45,91%

Total weight of reference model: 17,32kg