CUBE_S Sliding door cabinet

Versatile. Smart. Consistent.

The CUBE_S sliding door cabinet is a versatile item of storage furniture. It is available in different heights and can be extended further with an open top box. This means that the CUBE_S sliding door cabinet can either be a discreet sideboard or a stacked cabinet, providing privacy screening in the office. Optionally, the direct connection to the work desk, as well as height-adjustable tables, creates a compact workplace environment. The front can be selected with a left sliding door front or a right sliding door front. You can brighten up the design with a colourful frame around one or more of the cabinet elements.

One of the many design options for the sliding door cabinet is to add a top box. What’s special about this is that unlike other storage furniture, both items together form a single unit. This is possible with continuous side and back panels. The sides have a continuous design which create a harmonious office layout. Different versions of the rear wall are available; there is melamine, veneer, fabric or perspex to choose from. Access to the sliding door cabinet and the box can be configured from one side or the other. For example, the sliding door cabinet can be accessed from the aisle, so it becomes a storage space for the whole team to use. The box can also be used directly on the work desk as supplemental personal storage surface.