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The acoustics of a room have an enormous influence on employee productivity. Intelligent acoustic office planning promotes satisfaction and efficiency—and can yield performance improvements of up to 52%. The sound-absorbing front and back walls of Bene storage systems make an essential contribution to a pleasant acoustic ambience.

Acoustic horizintal tambour
Tambour shell 12mm, micro-perforated (14% holes, Ø 1.9 mm), interior side with acoustic fleece, absorption w = 0.7 filled / 0.65 empty.
Acoustic rear wall & acoustic sliding door
For all cabinet types: fine chipboard 16mm, perforated (17 % holes, Ø3mm), interior side with acoustic fleece, absorption w = 0.9 filled / 0.8 empty.
Fabric surfaces
The use of fabric further optimizes acoustic qualities:
Fabric rear wall (4) for all cabinet types (16mm chipboard, covered in fabric).

Acoustic absorber class

A αw 0,9 - 1,0
B αw 0,8 - 0,85
C αw 0,6 - 0,75
D αw 0,3 - 0,55
E αw 0,15 - 0,25

For example w=0,9: 90% of the sound that occurs is absorbed, only 10% of the sound is reflected into the room.