PARCS Causeway




PARCS Causeway is a furniture programme that consists of a series of upholstered, orthogonal modules of various heights, such as benches for sitting and fence elements to lean on.


The benches are upholstered seating elements, covered with fabric or leather, that can be configured freely or in combination with a Fence or a wall. An upholstered Bench corner element offers additional positioning options. And clever details like the Power Bar or Power Bar Table transform the benches into an ideal place for a meeting, with full furnishing systems.


  • 1-seater:   60 x 43 x 55cm
  • 2-seater: 120 x 43 x 55cm
  • 3-seater: 180 x 43 x 55cm
  • 4-seater: 240 x 43 x 55cm
  • Corner element: 60 x 43 x 60cm


The Fences are upholstered, low wall elements covered with fabric or leather. They don’t simply create space, they actually invite people to take a seat, lean or prop oneself. The acoustic effect in the space is provided by coverings and upholstery.
The Walls and Fences create the vertical qualities of PARCS. All this without even having to interfere with the installations.


  • Low Fence: 120 / 180 / 240 x 73 x 23cm
  • High Fence: 120 / 180 / 240 x 110 x 23cm