Designer: Didi Lenz


PIXEL may just look like a simple box, but it’s so much more than that. PIXEL is a table, a bench, a stool, an audience seating platform, and so on. PIXEL is the building block for an infinite number of ways that your team can flexibly furnish their space exactly as it needs to be.

The PIXEL box is the basic building block of the PIXEL by Bene series. Available with or without side openings, it is ideal for creating storage space. The carrying handle ensures the lateral connection of two boxes by simply folding them over and makes it easy to transport the box.

Each PIXEL box measures 36x36 cm and can be used individually or in stacks. PIXEL by Bene stands out with its sustainable and innovative product design. PIXEL is made of raw, unprocessed pine plywood. Using wood as a material reflects our relationship to the environment and nature. Each PIXEL has a unique appearance and highlights the grain and characteristics of the wood.