The PIXEL Family got bigger, with new elements to further support flexible working. New for 2021, additional components have been added to the range to make it even easier and faster to create team spaces for short term project work.

The “rack” extensions provide a framework from which to construct instant project spaces, complete with tables, benches and seating built with PIXEL elements.

PIXEL Rack is an ideal solution to store and keep PIXEL, but is also a room structuring element without PIXEL. For example, it can be used as a room divider or as a whiteboard holder.

Smaller rack modules are also new to the range and offer a neat mobile solution that can be used to create storage caddies, that are ideal for housing presentation tools.

Also new to the range, accessories including pen and tool trays,  organization inlays and whiteboards can be integrated with the PIXEL and rack components, to ensure work tools and all the best ideas are never lost.