RF Corridor Wall




The RF Corridor Wall has various elegant door solutions for a wide range of uses. Electric horizontal blinds allow you to switch between open transparency and a visual screen. All of the elements have been coordinated with each other down to the smallest details.


Hinged doors

The uniform design principle and flushmount integration of the hinged doors lend the RF corridor wall a visibly clear-cut and calm frontal appearance. The hinged doors are available either with fanlight, over-door panel or at room height. Room-high doors and doors with over-door panel can be combined with the electrical panel. All door leaves and over-door panels are either glass or solid core, fanlight always in glass. A high degree of acoustic effectiveness is attained due to the intelligent design principle and the use of acoustically effective materials.

Hinged door
The glass hinged door gives maximum transparency with the characteristic contouring extending from the floor profile beyond the door frame. Flush version on the corridor side.

Illustration glass hinged door with fanlight in glass
Flush hinged door
The flush-mounted hinged door is flush on both the corridor side and the office side. Applicable only with double-glazed corridor walls.

Illustration glass hinged door at room height
Double hinged door
The double hinged door has a generous amount of clearance. Element widths up to 200cm are available, with variable widths for the moving or stationary leaves. Double hinged doors are used when large access ways and room openings are required (such as in the passageway area).

Illustration hinged door with over-door panel, solid core
Hinged door, solid core, electrical panel
The solid core hinged door intentionally punctuates glazing and transparency to make a statement. Electrical panels can be finished in varnished glass or solid core. Used to install switches and power sockets.

Illustration with over-door panel and electrical panel

Detail of RF door handle




The electrical horizontal blinds are integrated into the double-glazed RF corridor wall and are infinitely variable. The slats are available in black, white and aluminium and in widths of 25 mm. Several adjacent blinds can be adjusted to exactly the same height using a synchronised controller.


Detail bonding strips

The high performance bonding strips are available in black or grey colour. All profiles are in naturally anodised colourless aluminium A6 / C0.

Black bonding surface             Light grey bonding surface