RG Glass wall




The single-glazed RG glass wall achieves sound insulation values of up to 38dB (reference point), the double glazed version up to 51dB (reference point). A variety of connecting elements make it compatible with the Bene wall systems and drywalls. Flexibility with a modular system, reversible arrangement.

The single and double glazed RG glass wall comes in 10 and 12mm TSG glass or in 12 and 16mm LSG acoustic glass. Building tolerances and ceiling movement are accomodated up to 30mm in the profile.

Walls, vertical section

Single glazed Double glazed
Ceiling connection Ceiling connection
Floor connection Floor connection


Doors, section

Hinged glas door with frame, vertical section Hinged solid-core door with frame, vertical section


Horizontal section: Hinged solid-core door with frame
Clearance width up to 95cm or 182cm (double hinged doors)
Horizontal section: Hinged glas door with frame
Clearance width up to 95cm


Frameless sliding door, vertical section Frameless hinged door, vertical section


Türgriffe, Horizontal sections

Frameless hinged door
Clearance width up to 94 cm or 190 cm (double hinged doors)
Frameless sliding door
Clearance width up to 106 cm or 172 cm (double sliding doors)


Junction, Horizontal section

Double glazed RG Glas wall
Single glazed RG Glas wall


Technical facts

Detailed technical information can be found in the RG Glas wall fact sheet.