RG Glass wall



Door options

The single glazed RG Glass Wall has various elegant door solutions for a wide range of uses. Thanks to perfect integration of function and design in the Bene product portfolio, the double-glazed RG Glass Wall can be combined with a wide range of doors from the extensive R-Platform portfolio. 

Hinged doors with frame

The hinged doors with frame are available as glass or solid-core doors and are integrated freely between glass panes. Hinged doors at room height or with fanlight for integration in single- or double-glazed RG Glass Wall.

Hinged solid-core door with frame with fanlight
Room height up to 280cm or with fanlight up to 350cm
Hinged glas door with frame with fanlight
Room height up to 300cm or with fanlight up to 350cm
Lock with door handle for hinged glas door with frame
Available with round cylinder, profile cylinder or without cylinder drill.
Adhesion of lock box optionally in black or light grey available.

Example profile cylinder.


Frameless hinged doors 

Frameless hinged doors include a continuous hinge profile and provide maximum transparency. Hinged doors in glas can be either full room height or with an over door panel. Single or double leaf doors can be installed in the single glazed glass wall.

Frameless hinged door at room height
The hinged door is available at room height up to 300cm.
Frameless hinged door with fanlight
The hinged door with fanlight is framed by a continuous door hinge and is available at room height up to 350cm.
Frameless double hinged door with stationary door
Used when large access ways and room openings are required, available at widths up to 200cm.
Lock with door handle for frameless doors
Available with round cylinder, profile cylinder or without cylinder drill.

Example without cylinder drill.


Frameless sliding doors

The sliding doors present a sheer look and offer maximum transparency whilst providing perfect function. Frameless sliding doors in glas, available as single- or double-leafed, at room height or with over door panel.

Frameless sliding door with fanlight
The sliding door with fanlight forgoes relinquishes vertical profiles and is
available at room height up to 350cm.
Frameless sliding door at room height
Available up to room height 300cm.
Frameless sliding door detail suspended rail profile
The suspended rail profile with its sleek and reduced form lends the sliding door an air of lightness and elegance.
Detail lock for frameless sliding door
The handles are positioned to allow easy opening and closing. The rail closing mechanism prevents contact with the floor mechanism.