Inspiring spatial concept for forward-looking ideas

We at Bene believe that innovation does not just happen by chance. It can be promoted in a targeted manner – using intelligent technology, well-designed spaces, motivated teams and a strong vision for the future. Being innovative begins by creating the right conditions for innovation. A spatial environment that supports brainstorming can play a major role. What might this space look like? We invite you to take a look at Bene’s first IDEA LAB that just opened in the Vienna showroom.

The power of innovation is based on teamwork

The Bene IDEA LAB is much more than just a traditional workshop space. Whether used for brainstorming, planning, presentations or concentrated work on your own: the main focus is always teamwork. Cooperation between many different creative minds is the first step in encouraging good ideas. In total, the Bene IDEA LAB offers space for about 16 people. The heart of the room is the Bene IDEA WALL, an interactive, digital media wall. Up to seven people can work together simultaneously on their digital content – projected on the large screen for all to see. Combining the products of from the PARCS and TIMBA series, a spatial setting has been created that enables communication, promotes dialogue and exchange, but also allows a temporary retreat from the group where necessary.

  • The plenum is a stage for various levels of the collective creative process, which is supported digitally by the IDEA WALL.
  • Break out zones offer space for small-group work intended for approximately 6-8 people.
  • A retreat area serves as a quiet place for concentrated work and individual transactions.

In the Vienna showroom an IDEA LAB is available for rental: the perfect room for workshops, brainstorming and all those situations in which new ideas are in demand!