Design: Phoenix Design

With a design that wouldn’t look out of place in homes, this range’s attractively integrated dynamic sitting capability and modern combinations of materials and colors reflect a collaborative and agile management culture. The longer people spend in meetings, the greater the need for more agility in the seating to keep body and mind alert. A backdrop with a home-like appeal is also a good way of fostering trust and a team spirit. Which is why Intra’s precision-adjustable height and synchronous adjustment mechanism with automatic weight adjustment has been concealed so that it’s virtually impossible to spot. The synchro-adjustment mechanism and controls fuse almost invisibly with the seat shell and the elegantly integrated armrests to create a fluid form that indicates quality and respect for the people using the chair. Organic lines, precise transition points, modern color combinations and dynamic comfort make Intra the embodiment of a new type of management culture, which, thanks to three backrest heights, can be expressed in a whole host of areas ranging from deskbased workspaces or meetings to customer-service situations.



Please note, that these products are not available in all countries.
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