The lack of exercise and permanent sitting in the office routine leads to tension, back and neck complaints, performance degradation, rapid fatigue, lack of concentration and motivation. Bene counteracts the health-damaging lack of movement by offering height-adjustable tables for alternating work while sitting and standing, thus making a contribution to keeping the body and mind in motion.

LEVEL LIFT PRO offers a tailor-made solution for those who want to combine ergonomics while working with high quality materials and design values. The Fenix Black surface creates a particularly elegant and understated look. Fenix is a nanotech matte surface with a velvety soft touch, that leaves no fingerprints behind. Superficial micro scratches can be repaired thermally.

Another design feature that distinguishes LEVEL LIFT PRO is the round column with the die cast leg, which fits exactly to the geometry of the round column.

The frame veneer ensures a particularly high-quality finish at the back of the table. The new split sliding top ensures quick and easy access to the cable tray, which has been visually upgraded with a discreet cable cover.

The new LEVEL LIFT is available with a C- or T-leg base.
In the case of the table top shapes, you can choose between rectangular, also with Soft Edge, and rounded on user side. The desk is progressively height adjustable from 63 cm to 130 cm. A special feature is the enhanced collision protection. The height adjustment of the table is changeable by means of a manual switch, here are 3 different models to choose from.