NOOXS Think Tank



Homey mini-rooms for temporary use.

Based on the NOOXS wall system but making use of glass elements, Think Tanks were developed as a 2.5 metre high, freestanding room-in-room system for creating private spaces within an open space. Like NOOXS, the NOOXS Think Tanks are freestanding, have a high level of noise insulation and are quick to install. They are completely closed and have an integrated ventilation and lighting system. LED lighting and air circulation in the pod can be controlled separately.
Think Tank pods create privacy where it is needed. They offer staff a quiet place for concentration or recreation, after busy office interactions.




Ultimately, the setup determines the function: meeting room, stand-up meeting, business box or phone booth, everything is possible. Different sizes are available as standard.


The NOOXS Think Tank provides the desired sound insulation of the entire system in two acoustic versions DwT,w up to 32 dB.


LED Lighting is integrated into the ceiling, colour temperature 3500 Kelvin. Dimmable at three levels via an intuitive button.

Climate control

A source-air air-conditioning unit can be integrated into a wall element (optional). The Think Tank can be connected to an existing cold water network or a selfcontained cooling unit as a plug-and-play solution, independently of existing building services.

Sprinkler and smoke detector

Where there is increased need for fire prevention, an existing sprinkler system can be routed through the ceiling into the Think Tank.