Design: Didi Lenz


PIXEL may look like a box but it can also be a table, a bench, a platform, a shelf and so much more. PIXEL building blocks ensure that you can flexibly shape space to support a number of different team tasks. PIXEL brings a new dimension in team working and meeting culture to the workplace, creating playground-like spaces that encourage lively group dynamics and creativity.

The most exciting innovations develop in places where people have the freedom to think playfully. Defined areas in the office that inspire a lively group dynamic and offer a creative playground are becoming increasingly important. The challenge is to create a place that naturally compliments day-to-day working life –  culturally and spatially. Furniture that is as flexible and unfussy as the team itself can help to create such a space. This is where PIXEL comes in. These ingenious little boxes can be combined to create different pieces of furniture, be it storage containers, seating or a table – PIXEL is up for anything!

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Basic element of the PIXEL by Bene series.

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PIXEL Trays & Tops

Intermediate element and tray. Available in three different lengths.

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PIXEL Rack offer a framework to instantly create project spaces.

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PIXEL Accessoires

PIXEL accessories ensure that neither work tools nor ideas will get lost.

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PIXEL Tower Variants

PIXEL offers a huge variety of possible arrangements: PIXEL Tower, PIXEL Rack Tower and PIXEL Rack Wall.

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PIXEL in Action - Areas of Application 

PIXEL is the building block for an infinite variety of possibilities for flexible room design, from home offices to shops.

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PIXEL #1 office product 2018

The editors of the prestigious trade magazine “Das Büro” chose PIXEL by Bene as the “#1 office product 2018”. From more than 1000 office solutions, they selected the 100 which they could particularly recommend for office work in both a narrow and broader sense. In this competitive environment, they chose PIXEL by Bene as the winning project and thus “#1 office product 2018”. The editors’ ranking was independent and covered all industries and categories.

Concept: Didi Lenz