PORTS Lounge




Comfortable lounge areas are an integral part of modern-day office environments. Together, the PORTS Sofa and PORTS Lounge Chairs create comfortable seating ensembles.

A dynamic working world comprises not only formal meeting rooms but also zones for informal dialogue and retreat.When increased activity is the order of the day, the PORTS Active Chair makes an impression with its integrated height and seat tilt adjustment. The PORTS Task Lounge comprises a panel, a rotating table and the PORTS Active Chair. The PORTS Sofa is an open invitation to make yourself comfortable. The PORTS Lounge Chair with a static four-legged frame cuts a figure on its own as well as a complement to the sofa. 

The fourlegged frame and swivel base are made of black powder-coated steel and the seat and headrest are available with fabric or leather upholstery.


The PORTS Active Chair is height adjustable for an optimal adjustment to the individual height. The height adjustment and the optional seat tilt adjustment can be easily adjusted by pulling the leather loop on the side of the seat. The seat tilt adjustment is continuously lockable within a 20° range. The PORTS Active Chair is available with a low or high back. The optional height-adjustable headrest for the high back version is simply placed over the back of the chair to provide extra comfort when seated. The colour and material of the headrest can be selected seperatly.

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In an ensemble or on its own: with the Lounge Chair comfortable seating ensembles can be created. The Lounge Chair with static four-leg base can be specified separately, in either single-coloured or with inside and outside colours. Seat upholstery identical to inside colour.

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The PORTS Sofa is an open invitation to make yourself comfortable and belongs in a contemporary lounge area as an integral part of modern-day office environments. Four-leg base with fixed low back height. Permanent fixed seat upholstery. Single-coloured or with inside and outside colours.

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The PORTS Task Lounge lends support in active and passive periods of the creative process alike and is both an oasis of tranquillity and a workstation. Its versatility comes first and foremost from the mobile table module and the functional lounge chair.

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PORTS Stool can be wonderfully integrated into an existing room concept and is available for any number of creative uses! After all, you can always use additional seating.

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PORTS Side Table is practical for seating areas but can also be specified with the power induction charging and the USB charging.

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