PORTS Power Tray




Mobile devices are essential work tools that make direct access to power indispensable. With the Power Tray, this is not just reserved for one user but available to everyone. The Power Tray contains plug sockets and USB ports, as well as an optional wireless charging function, and also provides storage space for office tools. The overall aesthetics can be completed by adding the optional PORTS Glass pen holder.

The Power Tray consists of veneered shaped wood, with three cylinders made of anodised aluminium fixed onto this.

Key facts

  • Dimensions: Ø 302mm, height 94mm
  • Cylinders: anodised aluminium in the colours burnt amber or olive
  • Tray: veneered shaped wood

Cable management

The Power Tray is simply placed on the table. A cable outlet must be selected for this through which the cables then lead to the Power Tray. On a table with a fixed height, the cabling can be provided via a table leg, on a table with electrical height adjustment, the power supply lines can optionally be routed via a cable chain or a cable spiral.