PORTS Storage




PORTS Storage can serve as a room-partitioning element and offers options both for the individual and for the collectiv. As the distinction between work and meeting rooms becomes increasingly blurred, partitioning storage elements are needed to give an office structure.

PORTS Storage divides open and private spaces semi-transparently and, thanks to tailored design options, also offers functional applications for day-to-day work scenarios. PORTS Storage is versatile: for individuals it can serve as a cloakroom with shelves, a mirror or a refrigerator. For teams, it can be used functionally with a pinboard, shelf, whiteboard or screen. Naturally, PORTS Storage can also be used as an elegant shelf unit in a high or low version.

The doors feature elegant leather handles.


  • Frame: The frames can be configured in four different heights. It is possible to change the height within a PORTS Storage.
  • Storage: Each PORTS Storage has to be equipped with a storage module. This is fixed at the lowest position and stretches across the entire width.
  • Collaboartion element: A screen connection, pinboard or whiteboard are optionally available.
  • Wardrobe element: The wardrobe element can be selected in an open version or with a hinged door. With coat rod and sheves. Optionally with a built-in refrigerator.
  • Lock: Different options are available for the lock.