RG Glass wall



The use of glass provides maximum transparency in the office space.

Pure transparency. The formal minimalist RG glass wall retracts and supports the architecture of the room. The single or double-glazed glass wall is composed of horizontal profiles fixed to both the ceiling and floor which hold glass panels within them. Various door solutions are available. Hinged and sliding doors have no frame construction and use the static loading capacity of the glass elements. The modular system enables flexibility and reversibility.

The wall system can hold various glass thicknesses (10, 12, 16mm) and achieves a sound absorption value of up to 38dB(Rw) for the single glazed version or up to 51dB(rw) for the double glazed version. The corridor wall is available with single or double-leafed hinged and sliding doors. Hinged and sliding doors in a single-shelled version are optionally constructed without frames and use the static loading capacity of the glass elements.
Building tolerances and ceiling movement are accommodated in the profile; room heights of up to 4m are possible.