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Bene products receive EU Ecolabel


Recording: ONLINE EXPERT TALK with Luke Pearson

Recording of our ONLINE EXPERT TALK with designer Luke Pearson on how design and design thinking can play an active role in identifying opportunities to positively reshape the habits and rituals of our lives.

Recording HOW TO WORK NOW. ONLINE EXPERT TALK with Prof. Kerstin Sailer Ph.D.

In this ONLINE EXPERT TALK Kerstin Sailer will introduce the idea as well as the problems of flexibility and explain the concept of activity-based working, which offers an opportunity for more flexible space use of office space.


Bene is an official partner of the EXPO 2020 Austria Pavilion

The first World Exposition to be held in an Arab country under the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, will take place from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 and will focus on key questions surrounding the vision, ideas and technologies of the future in an increasingly interconnected world.


HOW TO WORK NOW. Interview with Rosie Haslem

Rosie is director at spacelab_, a well-known creative research and design studio with extensive experience in workplace strategy and design, where she leads all research and strategy.


Recording HOW TO WORK NOW. ONLINE EXPERT TALK with Rosie Haslem, director at spacelab_


Join spacelab_ director Rosie Haslem to learn about their research into what the world of work is going to look like from here on.

THE CORE by Bene

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again significantly changed the way we at Bene see the office. Uncertainty is increasing significantly, both in our personal lives and our professional environment, and the future is less predictable. We ask ourselves: How does an office need to look to make it through the pandemic – and even more importantly: How will the office work after the pandemic?


ONLINE EXPERT TALK Recording: Open Collaboration – The Human Factor

An online expert talk with three leading workplace experts: neuropsychologist Elke Geraerts, designer Tom Lloyd and digital champion Saskia van Uffelen.


ONLINE EXPERT TALK Recording: Luke Pearson & Tom Lloyd: The world is changing. Lead together

Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson impressively demonstrate time and time again what it is that distinguishes high-quality industrial design – being able to take knowledge about the continually changing nature of the ways we work, possibilities offered by production methods and the conditions in which we live and then intelligently applying this to new products and utilisation concepts.

In this webinar recording, designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd talk about the development of PORTS and the future of leadership.


LEAD TOGETHER – Interview with Pearson Lloyd

Time and again, the two design partners from London impressively demonstrate what high-quality industrial design is all about, namely cleverly transposing changing ways of working and life situations to new products and usage concepts. 10 years after the joint development of the PARCS product series, the London design studio PearsonLloyd has once again developed an innovative office concept together with Bene: PORTS.

We spoke to Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson about developing PORTS as “New Leadership Environments”.