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The world of work is changing. People are changing. Ideas flow, workspaces are fluid and processes are flexible. As a global benchmark for innovative working we need to question one thing in particular: EVERYTHING. As Bene has always done. With desks you can stand at. With chairs that are more than just great to sit on. With concepts that spur work. With offices that INSPIRE.


PIXEL by Bene @ Dubai Design Week 2019

The artist Ibraheem Khamayseh used PIXEL boxes as the background for his beautifully artistic Arabic calligraphy, forming the word “friendship”, which embodies the spirit of teamwork and of PIXEL. A huge mega-PIXEL surrounded by a wide variety of PIXEL configurations with Ibraheem’s calligraphy was a much-photographed feature that attracted a great deal of interest from the public at this year’s Dubai Design Week.


10 YEARS PARCS – Designer interview with Tom Lloyd & Luke Pearson

In the PARCS collection, PearsonLloyd wanted to give people a real choice of space and experience, so that they were not dictating how or where people should work. They did not want to presume that they knew what would be comfortable for a particular type or length of meeting. It was more that they wanted to facilitate a different type of use, a different type of interaction, a different type of communication.


10 years of PARCS – a bright celebration!

In 2009 a new kind of furniture was launched: PARCS inspired unconventional office layouts, breaking out from established formats and routines. Jointly developed by the London design duo Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, it defined a new style of office interaction. Integrating the communal zones into the office also led to another significant change: the spaces became more colourful, the materials softer, and the colour schemes of office landscapes became a way to define the brand.

Colours create an atmosphere

We are surrounded by colours all the time. They affect our emotions. They have a major influence on the ambience of a room. Even in the office. Colours are on floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, work accessories, the people around us, and the landscape outside the window. Together they form a never-ending spectrum of nuances, tones and contrasts. Despite all this variety: identity is the result of a conscious selection of materials and colours, especially when it comes to furniture and spaces. Above all, colourful fabrics set vivid accents to an office landscape. In addition to pleasant basic colours, this creates optical highlights.



At the leading design fair Maison&Objet in Paris in September, Bene introduced their latest innovative solutions for the working environments of tomorrow, which allow fluid boundaries between work and leisure.


River Cruise Belgium

A unique touring exhibition for the construction and interiors sector in Belgium. From 4th to 8th November, the MS Grace cruiser will visit Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt and Liège. Come on board in your nearest town and join us on the water!


10 YEARS PARCS – Oxygen for the office

In 2009 a new kind of furniture was launched: PARCS inspired unconventional office layouts, breaking out from established formats and routines. Jointly developed by the London design duo PearsonLloyd, it defined a new style of office interaction – informal, inspirational and communicative. We celebrate 10 years of PARCS and revisit the background to this success story.


Dreaming of beaming

Teaserimage - Talk to the future of work

Nine young men and women sit in a circle on wooden stools. They are here together to discuss the future of work. These entrepreneurs, influencers and managers, already have a good amount of work life experience to know how it all goes, or at least they have an inkling of how it does. But what they certainty have a good idea about is what the working world might look like in ten or twenty years’ time.

Over the course of two hours themes including artificial intelligence, robotics, workplace dynamics and management systems, as well as personal objectives and the meaning of work, are explored professionally and with purpose. And with empathy, too!


Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

Bene London celebrated this year’s opening of Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) with first night party attended by over 300 invited guests. The launch of the STUDIO Workbench surrounded by PIXEL boxes was a success.


Interview with DIDI LENZ about PIXEL

For innovation, we need freedom to think and act, methodology and ultimately inspiring spaces.