Future of Work Survey 2019

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

Bene London celebrated this year’s opening of Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) with first night party attended by over 300 invited guests. The launch of the STUDIO Workbench surrounded by PIXEL boxes was a success.


Interview with DIDI LENZ about PIXEL

For innovation, we need freedom to think and act, methodology and ultimately inspiring spaces.


“Future of Work” Session in Kuwait

How will we work in the future? What will change? What are the most important trends? These and other questions will be discussed at our "Future of Work" session in Kuwait City on April 17th 2019. 

Creating Visions: „THE BENE KALEIDOSCOPE“ – Follow up Report

A kaleidoscope shows us beautiful designs made from many different shapes. Constantly shifting components and creating something new. The same is true for varied product ranges such as STUDIO, PIXEL and the WORKPLACE Portfolio.


The Future of Work

Pioneering concepts for the working environment of the future: As never before, rapid change is affecting every aspect of our society, politics, economy and consequently also our working lives. As part of a large-scale study, Bene conducted interviews and discussions with more than 40 international experts in order to identify current trends, summarise them, and present an overview of their potential impact on working environments. The results of this research project have just been published by Bene as the Future of Work Report 2018, now available online at


Presentation STUDIO by BENE

08. March 2018 | Bikini Berlin, 2. OG | Budapester Straße 38-50

You are cordially invited to the presentation of our new design line STUDIO by Bene at our showroom in Berlin.


STUDIO by Bene Launch-Party

1st March 2018 | Seamen’s Hall at Somerset House, Strand London WC2R 1LA

The STUDIO Party presented by Bene & Dezeen for those who live and work by their own rules.


How will you work in the future?

22nd March 2018 | Living Tomorrow | Indringingsweg 1, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium | Tel. +32-2-421 41 80 | OFFICE@BENE.COM

As a leading international designer and furnisher of modern office and working environments, our mission is to anticipate and understand changes that affect the future of work, in order to provide new and intelligent solutions for our customers as soon as possible.

STUDIO - Interview with the Designer Thomas Feichtner

Thomas Feichtner

Interview with THOMAS FEICHNTER.

With STUDIO, Thomas Feichtner has developed a modern, modular workplace system, designed to appeal particularly to people who live their individuality and creativity, even at work. We spoke to him about design in the workplace, creative currency and his childhood dream job.

Lots of my colleagues often put their own furniture together because they couldn’t find what they wanted on the conventional office furnishings market. That was my starting point. And then I just asked myself: “What furniture would I love to have in my own office?”

Creatives don’t see boundaries between work and private life, work and leisure. They’re not concerned with work-life-balance, just about “love your work”. And this group includes lots of design lovers who want to have beautiful things at home and in the office. So the dividing line between home and office is fluid. You want to feel at home.